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Welcome to the site of Loiseau Development's Anyway Books® imprint. The site is devoted primarily to the promotion of the Anyway Books works of author John Nicholas Datesh.

Work on the pending mystery The Body in the Bog and 2013's
epic, The Girl in the Coyote Coat, has limited his blog-posting
Empty Glass Full but a collection of post is preserved in his
The Very First Bog Posts of All Time.

The Author's stories, WWII short The Pro Station, the SF story,
The Final Equation, Twilightish Zoney Reruns ad Infinitum,
and the likely near-classic Christmas short story You Could Call it a Christmas Story, along with the Author's novels are for sale on Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, Kobo and iTunes, author pages linked at the right and cover-links below.

Purchase the Author's work at the Author's Smashwords Mini-Store or subscribe to Scribd.com and borrow the author's novels and stories without extra charge.
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Coming Winter 2014-15

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Anyway Books® Titles

The Nightmare MachineThe Moscow TapeThe Janus Murderfinal equation Coyote link

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                                    Could Call It a Christmas StoryrerunsPro Station
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